About Me - Karen Sanders


I am a freelance photographer and writer with a MA in Aesthetic Studies from the University of Texas at Dallas.  What makes me different than most photographers is that my passion, as well as my education, lies in the craft of storytelling. My goal is to capture the unique beauty of an object, the essence of personality, the soul and spirit of environment.

I’m trained to look and listen for those brief moments and special connections that can be easy to miss but that will live in your heart forever. I’m trained to focus on the small details that make both a place and a person unique.

Like a cinematographer, I’m looking for a style to serve the subject, not a subject to serve my style. I am drawn to bold subjects and bright colors, but sometimes black and white and moody fits the aesthetic better than color. I tend to narrow in on the main subject of my story, but sometimes more information is necessary to portray the whole picture. In that case, an establishing shot with a wider context and sharper detail is more appropriate.

While I’m taking portraits, I try to get my subjects to tease each other, goof around, tell secrets. During events, I ask about the cause, complement their clothes, inquire about the food, wine, and entertainment. Whatever it takes to get them to relax and forget they’re having their picture taken. It’s in those spontaneous and unguarded moments when my best stories take shape.

I have over ten years of experience in professional photography, specializing in travel and wildlife, portraits (both pets and people), and fine art, plus video production and editing. My photographs have appeared in publications from the United States to Ecuador.

Since 2012, I’ve published three non-fiction books with Texas entrepreneur Sam Wyly (Coming to America, Texas Got It Right!, The Immigrant Spirit), and I have over 11 years of experience marketing a luxury consumer product to the design and architectural community.

Thanks for visiting my website.  I'm based out of Dallas and Aspen, but am happy and willing to travel.  Please call me to discuss your portrait, editorial, or commercial project.  I'd love to help you tell your story.  

Hope to see you soon!