About Full - Karen Sanders

When I first started editing and writing as a full-time career, I was surprised at the number of people who told me, within minutes of introduction,  that they either wanted to write a book or had already started writing one. Most had never taken a writing class or workshop. Many did not consider reading one of their favorite hobbies.  Some claimed to read non-fiction books, but couldn't find the time to "waste" on reading fiction.

All this made me sad.  Mostly it just frustrated me.  

Why do you want to write a book

when you don't even read them.

I truly believe that each  of us has a unique and worthwhile story to tell.  Each of those stories deserves to be told.  We learn to be open-minded and empathetic though stories.  We learn the histories of our ancestors and our loved ones through stories. We heal broken hearts, feed imagination, treat anxieties and escape with humor and mystery through stories.

Not all stories are meant to be books.  

Don't get me wrong.  I love books.  I love circling new vocabulary words and  the feel of turning over a completed page.  I feel both satisfaction and sorrow when I finish a good book, close its cover and place it on my "finished" shelf.

Maybe you were born to be the next Vine, SnapChat or Podcast superstar.  Maybe your story would reach more people and  inspire greater change as a YouTube video series.   

What does your story want to be?